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A plastic free dummy, designed to look & feel natural on skin.


2 dummies per pack


Size: When your baby turns 6 months (ish) or starts teething, this is the teat to move on to. It has a totally different shape, perfect for their developing palate.


Good to know: These dummies are plastic free.  The natural rubber feels soft & much more natural to babies than a rigid plastic shield, more like skin on skin.


Eswyn's design stands them apart as each dummy is made from one single piece of rubber.  There are no joins; less breeding grounds for germs. 


They are designed for the colour range to look really natural against your baby’s skin. The colours are all FDA approved, natural colour pigments.


Rest assured the dummies are incredibly safe.  They're sent to testing facilities in Germany & have met all criteria for the (rigorous) EU safety standards; EN 1400. 


There are also a number of additional tests undertaken (in external labs) to check things like colour fastness with saliva & also that there are no traces of nasty compounds, like nitrosamines.


Treat the right: This is a natural product. Anything other than boiling water will damage the dummies.

1. Boil the dummies for 5 minutes before using.

2. Leave them to cool out of the water. Repeat No 1.

3. Give the teats a gentle squeeze afterwards to make sure there's no water in them.


Delivery 3-5 working days 

Eswyn Dummy Medium Rich: 6 months +